From 2020 BIDONEX has become a 100% ECO FRIENDLY company, in line with our vision of sustainable development. This development applies to both, the entire production process and the finished product, our water bottle that has become a BIO product. Our water bottles are certified for contact with food, are reusable, and can be used for a long period of time. Such bottle availability on the market changes the habits of consumers, and as a result reduces consumption of the most environmentally harmful, disposable PET bottles, thanks to which less plastic packaging goes to landfills sites.

Our products are free of BPA, lead and toxins, in addition every element of our water bottle can be recycled. From 2020, the information about the product recycling possibility is visible both, on the cup and on the bottom of a bottle.

We have introduced many changes in the production process itself, which meets the high ISO 9001: 2015, HACCP quality management standards and GHP and GMP hygiene rules are upheld. In line with our vision of sustainable development and ECO FRIENDLY company, which cares about environment, for the production of water bottles and prints fully electric machines are used and the required in the production process energy comes from renewable energy sources, photovoltaics. Also, the raw materials used in the production process are of the highest quality and come from the renowned European producers and have all required by law certificates. In the production process we use the d2w? component, which causes oxy-biodegradation of plastic products. The degradation process of packaging with d2w? is initiated by natural factors such as water, temperature and light. Under their influence, the d2w? component is activated, which causes the polymer particles to decompose to water, carbon dioxide and trace amounts of biomass. These substances are then bioassimilated by microorganisms, and the remaining part of the packaging becomes completely harmless to the environment.

The BIDONEX team will continue to improve the quality of their products and customer service in line with evolving world around us, not forgetting that the company’s priority is the production and sale of ECO FRIENDLY products.