“We are the producer of modern, aesthetic and practical sports water bottles. The sporty and modern form of our products is a design in line with our clients’ expectations and needs.”




BIDONEX is a producer of high-quality plastic products. Materials used in our production process meets all European norms for food packaging, scentlessness, and non-toxicity. The whole production process is based on the European Union’s territory in line with all European standards.

Our flag product is a water bottle for children and athletes, with PUSH/PULL cup design, available in two sizes. Modern design, the versatility of use and visible prints give endless possibilities to reach a number of customers with an advertisement. Additionally, we create and print customer’s QR codes on water bottles, which allows simple and fast redirection to advertiser’s offer or website via mobile device application.

BIDONEX, as a manufacturer, ensures fast and professional orders fulfillment, as well as logo design and suitable product selection consultancy. We create your water bottle from top to bottom, and for this very reason, we provide full warranty for every stage of production and printing process.

Together we can create a unique line of a product or interesting, functional and durable promotional gift.

You are welcome to check out our offer. If you have any further queries, please contact us via following e-mail address: internationalsales@bidonex.com